About me


Hello You!

Let me tell you a bit about me so you know who you choose to work for you.

I am Manon Wethly. I started out as a graphic designer and for years I have also been wearing the photographer crown too.

I started my professional career at Creneau International, working for Will Erens, as a graphic designer and soon creating graphic design, doing art direction and creative direction, interior design and  -very important- learning the tricks of the trade.

Already quite some years ago I founded the award winning design studio Hectica together with partner in crime and design Pablo Hannon.

In addition to being a photographer for Hectica I make graphic, web, interior designs, concepts but I also work as a stylist, art director, creative director, copy writer and many creative things more.

The list of big brands I / we have worked for since my start at Creneau and later our own studio Hectica is very long.. But here are some: Adidas Originals, Lee Jeans, Wrangler Jeans, Pepe Jeans, Esprit, XX by Mexx, Knirps… This is to show you we know what we are doing. It’s just as interesting to work for really small businesses though!

As you can see my field of expertise is quite large and it’s all about design in a very broad sense. I have also been a lecturer at PXL as well as a photography and design workshop teacher.

Now tell me what I can do for You!

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